Devi Bhargava Opportunities Endowed Scholarship

One $500 scholarship will be given each academic year during the Spring semester to an eligible student visa holding international student at Madison College. The student must not only meet all eligibility criteria, but also embody the humanitarian and international characteristics that were an integral part of Devi Bhargava’s life and work.
Donor/Thank You: Ashok Bhargava

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you hold an F-1 student visa through Madison College’s sponsorship?
  2. Please provide a brief a essay describing your participation in international education activities since you have been a student at Madison College.
  3. Please provide a brief essay of your educational goals at Madison College.
  4. Please provide a brief essay on how your study at Madison College will better help you attain your career or life goals and ambitions.
  5. To apply for this scholarship, a letter of recommendation must be submitted on your behalf by your instructor.