David M. Dwyer Memorial Scholarship

The David M. Dwyer Memorial Scholarship is being set up by his family and friends to honor David’s legacy of giving. Our wish is to aid others as he did with the many skill sets he used to help those in need. After working for American Family Insurance for 30 years David undertook small home repair for the elderly, infirmed or disadvantaged through Saint Dennis Parish where he and his wife Mary were active members for over 40 years. The numerous recipients were amazed how he resolved their various issues with a few parts and time. Always handy, he fine tuned his skills in light plumbing, carpentry and electrical. Over the years he repaired countless faucets and installed several water heaters, toilets, screen doors, safety bars and any number of other projects. He also met with professionals to ensure his clients were getting the most cost effective repair or replacement. Many of his clients were on a fixed income so payment was just a thank you, a hug or a dinner as he would typically only charge for parts. He would often share the details about the latest project and the various challenges they presented and we loved to hear about them. David was always positive, quick to laugh and loved by all who knew him. As he was so dear to us and his skills were a gift to so many, we wish to continue his generosity by assisting students interested in pursuing education in these valuable trades and hope they find them as rewarding as he did.