Alan Larson Memorial Scholarship

Alan Larson passed away October 31, 2017, leaving behind his wife, Sally, 3 sons (2 attended Madison College), and 7 grandchildren. This scholarship is an opportunity for Alan’s family to honor him in the field that meant so much to him. His career revolved around computer technology. He was instrumental in formulating Dane County’s computer system under the County’s first County Executive George Reinke, working for Dane County for 20 years. He then spent the next 18 years as the Director of Information Technology for MATC. He especially enjoyed being involved in the student atmosphere of Madison College in an area where those enrolled are eager to learn, gaining knowledge and experience for a hopeful future. He encouraged his sons to expand their computer knowledge with courses at Madison College.

He was a passionate family man and with a family of sons, he enjoyed being involved in their activities during their growing-up years with coaching their sports teams. He was also involved with the Boy Scouts and especially enjoyed the Scout trips to the Boundary Waters.

Al was a man of faith, committed to living his life with integrity as an Ambassador for his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He was on the Board of Directors for the Dane County Credit Union for over 30 years, serving as Chairman 10 years. After retiring, he and Sally spent many enjoyable days on the banks of the Mississippi River in Cassville, WI, relaxing at Larsons-on-the-River with family and friends.

Donor/Thank you letter: Sally Larson