Alexander M. Fortney Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship funds students enrolled in Madison Area Technical College Fire Service programs. It was established in memory of Alex Fortney, a student in the Madison College Fire Service program at the time of his death in 2005. "Alex’s qualities will continue to go on with those who knew him while he so-journeyed here on earth and for those recipients in the future receiving this scholarship. Those closed to Alex today still wear the wrist bands with his birth and death date and “WWFD” (What Would Fortney Do?) proving the influence of his life’s example with his looking at the world in a different way than the norm when physically present among us. Alex’s life enfolds a great legacy for those knowing him and even those told of who he was; desiring to do with what he was blessed with regardless of others viewpoint; as being created for a purpose and with making the world a better place for others coming after as his life and example are of great value. Doing the best with what has been given one, and if not done what a great loss for others coming after." Students eligible to be considered must be enrolled in the Fire Service program. New and returning students can be considered at the discretion of the program. Credit enrollment must meet the minimum established by the program. Academic achievement must be acceptable, but is not of prime significance. Donor/Thank you: Kari Matson-Fortney

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